Jaime Sainz de la Maza. Freelance Photographer.

Santander 1983.

I was born in Santander on a cold front day, at the same time as flooding sent cars and trees into the Gulf of Biscay. Perhaps thatís why I find rainy days with grey sky have the perfect light for photography.

Photography and graphic art have always been part of my life, and that hobby since I was a child has naturally become my profession.

I have been lucky enough to complete my studies in Madrid, UK and New York, allowing me to compare different styles and to have my first job at Angel Alvarez Advertising Studio where international campaigns and also smaller works showed me what this profession is about.

My passions such as hiking, diving, cars and motorbike touring are also great enriching complements for my professional and personal life.

From 2013 I combine my work as a photographer with teaching at the TAI University in Madrid, where Iím part of the teaching staff.

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